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The political machine the is the Orange City Council. Watching and talking about the votes casted and the agenda's of our elected officials.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Well, What Now

I attended the "Oath of Office" celebration tonight at Orange City Hall to witness Carolyn Cavecche, Mark Murphy and newcomer Denis Bilodeau swear to serve the City of Orange and its residents.

So, I took a month off from blogging, in the next week I will present my new blog that will track and follow local politics and what occurs in Orange.

Now I can promise I will be fair or too onesided, but I will keep the blog up to date.

So tune in again soon...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I am VOTING the following way...

The title of this post really covers most of it.

We all have been getting lots of mailers and fliers in and around town, So I thought I would do my own.

I didn't realize how much people have been wondering about me, so here you go.

My name is Jessica Schaffer (yup, like the street), I have lived in Orange my entire life and I just turned 25 years old (10-23-06) I am also a "grad" of Chapman. I consider myself a Republican and conservative.

So here is "Jessica's Voter Guide" and in this one...there are no paid ad's.

Governor...Arnold Schwarzenegger(not a great choice, he abandoned us, however the others are worse).

Lt. Governor...Tom McClintock (He should be governor).

Secretary of State...Bruce McPherson

State Controller... **Undecided**

State Treasure...Claude Parish

Attorney General...Chuck Poochigian

Insurance Commissioner...Steve Poizner(I met Steve, and he is solid...You Cruz we loss).
Board if Equalization...Michelle Steel

US Senate...Michael S. Metti (Libertarian)

Congress...Philip H. Inman (Libertarian) or Ed Royce(Republican) Not sure yet

State Senate (Dist 34) Nobody (I don't live in that area, but its worth a mention).

State Assembly
....................60th...Bob Huff
....................71st...Todd Spitzer
....................72nd...Michael Duvall

Rancho Santiago Community College...(Area 2) Nobody

Orange Unified School District
......Trustee Area 1...Alexandra Deligianni
......Trustee Area 4...No Selection
......Trustee Area 5...Kimberlee Nichols
......Trustee Area 7...Rick Ledesma

City of Orange Mayor:

I am completely undecided. I know that I am not happy with Carolyn Cavecche and her actions on the council. When I watch, all she does is try to upstage her counterparts and is more worried about looking good then doing something. Her actions have been very transparent. She has done little to nothing on illegal immigrants loitering on the East Chapman.
But then we have the other choice, Mike Alvarez, who is a total mess. This guy will switch back and forth depending on the direction of the public opinion winds. He lacks leadership abilities and did little nothing as a prior to councilman. Also, the recent discovery of his family owned "Boarding House" has really turned me off towards him.
I hate to say it, but maybe the best choice is 1 of the 2 outsiders. Either Juan Pablo or Andrea Simmons-England.
Orange City Council:
This has been a very nasty and ugly race. The leading candidates have acted with disgrace and it is truly a shame.
However, I am positive that Carol Rudat is not a resident of Orange, and with that know..she is a NO.
So the question, who will I vote as a City Councilmember...

1. Denis Bilodeau
2. Darren Smith

Why not Mark Murphy you may ask, again, the last few years there has been little movement to control illegal immigrants and loitering in the city. This is a huge issue and the incumbents need to be held responsible for the lack of action in the City.

So there you have my choices, like them or not......

Monday, October 30, 2006

Interesting conversation earlier tonight with a candidate

Earlier this evening I was speaking with a candidate for Orange City Council. We spoke about a number of items and the one thing that was clear was the slim chance of winning. However, it was interesting to hear the thoughts on the other candidates and the debates surrounding others.

He did ask me to keep his name private, and I will honor that, mainly bescause he was very upfront and he is afraid of attacks from others.

Question: What doo you think your chances are of winning on November 7th?

Answer: I don't stand a chance, if I finish at 5th, I would be very happy. I think that I am a relative unknown. I hope people think about it and realize I have lived here in Orange for a long time and I dedicated to a progressive city.

Question: Your thoughts on the current City Council?

Answer: I have stated a number of times, that they more or less are doing a good job. I am not happy with every thing, but they all are doing a solid job and letting people know they care. I think that the Council is addressing issues and trying to find soluations.

Question: You said addressing issues. What is 1 issue, that needs to be really tackled?

Answer: The illegal alien boarding homes. I think the City of Orange, has done good in doing a sweep of day-workers. However, they only did that one time. Also, the "Boarding House" ordianc is effective, but the City needs more code enforcement officers to actually do the "follow up".

Question: It has been said, that the day laborer issue and boarding house has taken to long to come about, your thoughts.

Answer: Well, I think that when the City Council, let go of the former City Manager (Dave Rudat), that is when things started to happen. I think that the City Council, finally took control of city hall back. I think that Rudat was not willing to do anything towards enforcement.

Question: You mentioned Dave Rudat as a problem. However, his wife Carol is now a candidate for City Council, any thoughts?

Answer: Yes, she is a candidate. A candidate that is evil in every sense of the word. 1st the question of where she lives is a primary question. Her attacks on the current city council is amazing, as again, most of the positive changes took place once they fired her husband. She is attacking people left and right and is rumored to be behind the "Dump Denis" campaign. I also understand that Carol Rudat is a destructive personality. I hope she is unsuccessful, it would be the worst thing for the City. After all, the city is finally running smooth and like a family.

Question: What is "Dump Denis"

Answer: It was a series of signs that popped up over night all over town. It said "watch me spend your money",, when I went to the website it was an ugly "hit" on Mr. Bilodeau. I think it shows a very low point in Orange Politics, and a 1st time that something like this as every happened. I hope the city will remove these signs, they are uncalled for and are an attack of somebody's name only.

Question: Who are you voting for?

Answer: Well, myself..that was kinda of a funny question.

Question: How about the 2nd vote?

Answer: I will be voting for Denis Bilodeau, I don't think he is the best, but I think he can do the job. I also want to send a message to Carol Rudat, and that message is go back to Newport Beach.

Question: Since you feel your already out of the running, any thoughts on running again?

Answer: I was thinking about running again in 2008, but I like the current council, I think I will wait till 2010 when the seat Murphy will hold will be open by term limits.


I thought the most interesting part of the interview was the portion of the conversation about Carol Rudat. There was much more to it, but I printed just a small part. Also, as we talked about Carol rudat, our waitress interupted and asked if that is the lady that is from another city and is trying to "carpetbag", very interesting to hear.

Well, I have already made it clear, that I have decided NOT to vote for Carol Rudat or Jeremy Wayland. I will hope that all of you follow that advice. Rudat is a terrible candidate and should be defeated.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So much has been happening

The campaigns here in the City of Orange have been extremely interesting. Most people haven't gotten around to start thinking about it, however, I have.

I already know that I am not voting for some, but I still am very undecided.

Who I wont be voting for:

Carol Rudat, who all information points out lives in the City of Newport Beach. Also, recent info on multiple lawsuits she is involved in. Also, she is just plain for of lies. I have had the pleasure of meeting her and I will say, that her double talk of issues is bad news. Would she make a good councilmember, NO. I watch the councilmembers every now and again, and I like what I currently see and I don't want to disrupt that harmony. So again, She is a NO Vote!

Jeremy Wayland, With everything I have read directs me to only one answer. He is a Carol Rudat supporter, which in my books makes him un-electable. Now he has come out in the past few days with a letter of support for Denis Bilodeau, however, for to long he hit at Denis. Which makes me wonder about him, is he that smart or just that naive. So again, He is a NO Vote!

Phil Martinez, Frank Finn, and Robert Douglas, these candidates have published themselves has either heavily supported by unions or are running as Democrats. I have seen nothing from them that instills confidence that they can be good leaders in our City. I also saw them on tv the other night and was only left with one thought. These guys, have no clue. So again, They are NO Vote!

So that leaves me with the following candidates to consider:

As for the Mayor race, I have elimated 2 from possible choices.

Pablo and Simmons-England will NOT e receiving my vote. Just no info available at all.

That leaves me with Mike Alvarez and Carolyn Cavecche, who do I like. NETHIER, however, somehow they will have to get me to vote for them. I truly wish that we had more to choose from.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Carol Rudat and Waylnd a team that won't be getting my vote

I have seen a lot of dirt and mud via the blogs over the last couple of weeks. With that said and things that I truly believe are true I have made a couple choices. On who I won't be voting for!

Carol Rudat...a last minute candidate running for Orange City Council and wife of former Orange City Manager. It has been prven to my satisfaction that Mrs. Rudat doesn't live in Orange. It also appears to me that she is only running to get even with the current city council who fire her husband. Also found it interesting that her husband was recently fired by the County of Orange, because of Carol Rudat and her "Carpetbagging".

The Next....

Jeremy Wayland...A young candidate that in has been the biggest supporter of Carol Rudat and her game plan for a victory. He is what has been called a "spoiler" his complete campaign has been supported by Rudat as she is the puppet master. It has been great fun to watch Jeremy self-destruct and his campaign to go down in flames.

So there you have it....A couple of candidates that are not going to get my votes.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Carol Rudat votes to be counted

My God, local elections are fun to watch...

To catch you up to date,

Carol Rudat a candidate for the Orange City Council, and was being accused by many many people as being a "carpetbagger". The facts were very interesting and I found it hard to believe that the candidate lived in Orange. Carol Rudat was being accused of residency in the City of Newport Beach. Other the last 2 weeks the OC register and a number of blogs (oc Blog and orange politicos) had been following the series of events. Those events, a complaint was find with the OC Registar of Voters and was forwarded to the California Secertary of State. More interesting is that OC Registar of Voters boss was the husband of Carol Rudat, Dave Rudat. Dave Rudat was asked by the Orange County CEO, to step down from his position with the County of Orange. Oh yeah, did I mention that Dave Rudat was also the former City Manager for the City of Orange, yup, where Carol Rudat is a candidate for City Council.

See the bigger picture now....But wait it does get better.

So following the complaint with the County and the State, another resident in the City of Orange filed a complaint with the County of Orange Superior Court to have her removed because of voter registeration fruad.

Fast forward past the last couple of days today. Carol Rudat lost in court this morning and was told that her votes would not count because she was unable to prove that she indeed held residency. However, by this afternoon, Rudat and her attorney's were able to reverse the ruling and she will remain on the ballot for now.

Of course the investigation by the State of California continues.

Now, as an undecided voter in the Ciy of Orange, I must admit it is fun to watch, but I think picking on the poor lady was just a bunch of political insiders trying to play games. However, would I vote for Rudat, NO. I would never vote for somebody that has only lived in the city for a couple of months.

If anything out of the court cases has proven is that she indeed only moved back to the City of Orange to run for City Council because her husbad had been fired and she wants revenge.

Ok, that is it. Who will I vote for City Council. I Still don't know.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I don't know who to vote for yet?

I have no idea who to vote for the 2nd seat. I will vote for Mayor Murphy of course for the 1st seat on the City Council and I am leaning heavily towards Alvarez for Mayor. However, its the 2nd seat I can't decide on.

I have been reading info on a canidate for the City Council (Carol Rudat) that doesn't even live in the City of Orange, WHAT? I thought it was the law? Apparently it does have everybody in a twist. Lots of info on OC Blog and Orange-Politico's blogs.

In watching the candidates at the recent forum. I was interested in a couple of candidates. However, I have learned from other blogs again, that 2 are heavily endorsed candidates from labor unions. That to me is scary and is not good for Orange. So they are out.

I would like to hear more about Bilodeau, but it is almost impossible to find any info on the guy. Also funny, but looking around, it seems that he is the only one out there not advertising himself.

I would also like to meet Darren Smith, he appears to be worth a chance, he too is not really campaigning very hard.

I find it very interesting to follow the races!

I will post again, shortly!